Diminutive of Beatrix, Latin
"she who brings happiness"

Trixie Origin and Meaning

The name Trixie is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "she who brings happiness".
A sassy, spunky name for the bold parent who doesn't remember Mrs. Ed Norton on The Honeymooners. It was chosen by Damon Wayans for his daughter. Trixie Belden is the thirteen-year-old heroine of an eponymous series in which she is a girl detective.

Trixie is a standard nickname for Beatrix.

Trixie Popularity


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Famous People Named Trixie

  • Trixie Friganza (born Delia O’Callaghan)American performer and actress
  • Trixie SmithAmerican R&B singer
  • (Rachel) Trixie Anne GardnerBaroness Gardner of Parkes, Australian,British dentist and MP
  • Trixie Mattelstage name of American drag performer and folk musician Brian Michael Firkus
  • Trixie WhitleyBelgian singer,songwriter
  • Trixie TaggAustralian footballer
  • Theresa Adams "Trixie" Garciadaughter of late rocker Jerry Garcia
  • Trixie Grace Willis (b. 2016)daughter of TV Presenter Emma Willis and Busted member Matt Willis

Trixie in Pop Culture

  • Beatrix "Trixie" Beldenmain character of a series of "girl detective" mysteries
  • Thelma "Trixie" Nortoncharacter on "The Honeymooners"
  • Trixie TangTimmy Turner's love interest on animated series "Fairly Odd Parents"
  • TrixieSpeed's girlfriend in anime series "Speed Racer"
  • Beatrix "Trixie" Franklincharacter on TV's "Call the Midwife"
  • Trixiecharacter on animated series "American Dragon Jake Long"
  • Trixie Lulamooncharacter in animated series "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"
  • Trixie Tuckercharacter in Australian TV soap "Neighbours"
  • Beatrice "Trixie" Espinozacharacter in American TV series "Lucifer"
  • Trixiecharacter in animated series LazyTown
  • Trixietriceratops in Pixar's Toy Story 3
  • Trixie ("The Whore")character on TV's "Deadwood"
  • Trixiemain character in "Knuffle Bunny" book
  • Trixie Zurbocharacter in 2000 film "Trixie"
  • Trixie's Big Red MotorbikeBritish rock band

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