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Gender: M Origin of Tripp: Word name Tripp's Popularity in 2015: #686

The extra p makes Tripp more of a name and less of a Trip. Usually a nickname of a boy who's a third, but Tripp is sure to get more attention in its own right now as the name of Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and Levi Johnston's son.

Famous People Named Tripp

William Douglas "Tripp" Schwenk III, American Olympic swimmer
Tripp Eisen (born Tod Rex Salvador), American former guitarist of metal band Static-X
Owen Thomas "Tripp" Phillips III, American tennis player
John Henry "Tripp" Isenhour III, American golfer
Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, daughter of TV personality Bristol Palin; grandson of American politician Sarah Palin
Waylon Tripp Parker (goes by Tripp), grandson of American actors Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson (son of their son, William True)

Pop Culture References for the name Tripp

Tripp Campbell, main character on TV's "I'm in the Band"
William "Tripp" Vanderbilt III, character on TV's "Gossip Girl"
Tripp McConnell, character on TV's "Eerie, Indiana"
Tripp, main character in 2006 film "Failure to Launch"
Tripp, character on TV's "The Vampire Diaries"
Tripp Fontaine, "The Virgin Suicides"