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Gender: F Meaning of Therese: "to reap, gather" Origin of Therese: German variation of Theresa

Most religious form of this name, fading from use now.

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Famous People Named Therese

St. Therese Martin of Lisieux, The Little Flower
Therese Charlotte Luise of Saxony-Hildburghausen, Queen consort of Ludwig I of Bavaria
Therese Mathilde Amalie, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Therese Natalie of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern, princess-abbess of Gandersheim, Germany
Therese Elssler, Baroness von Barnim, Austrian dancer
Therese Johaug, Norwegian Olympic cross country skier
(Malin) Therese Alshammar, Swedish Olympic swimmer
(Kerstin Ingrid) Therese Sjögran, Swedish footballer
Therese Neumann, German mystic and stigmatic
Therese Anne Coffey, English MP
Therese Giehse, German actress
Therese Grankvist, Swedish singer formerly of group Drömhus
Therese Grob, Austrian paramour of composer Franz Schubert
Therese Grünbaum, Austrian operatic soprano
Therese Huber (born Marie Therese Heyne), German philosopher and author
Therese Lundin, Swedish footballer
Therese Malfatti, Austrian musician and friend of composer Ludwig von Beethoven
Therese Malten, German dramatic soprano
Therese Maron, German painter
Therese (Behr) Schnabel, German contralto, wife of composer Artur Schnabel
Therese (born Eva Therése) Sjölander, Swedish ice hockey player
Therese Torgersson, Swedish Olympic sailor
Therese (Thoma) Vogl, German operatic soprano
Gabriella Therese Marie, daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco

Pop Culture References for the name Therese

Therese Defarge, character in "A Tale of Two Cities" (1859) by Charles Dickens
Therese "Terri" Sullivan, character from Australian TV series "All Saints"
Therese Belivet, character in the film "Carol"