"superior garment"

Yui Origin and Meaning

The name Yui is a girl's name of Japanese origin meaning "superior garment".

Very popular girls' name in Japan not quite as easy to transport westward as the also-popular Rin.

Yui Popularity

Famous People Named Yui

  • Yui MakinoJapanese actress and singer
  • Japanese singer/songwriterknown for singing the theme song "Again" for fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood
  • Yui MizunoJapanese singer, model, actress, and member of kawaii,metal band 'Babymetal'

Yui in Pop Culture

  • Kusanagi Yui from the anime "Kamigami no Asobi"
  • Anime/manga character in Angel Beats and Sword Art Online.
  • Yui Komorimain character in the anime "Diabolik Lovers".
  • Yui Shishidocharater in "Corpse Party"
  • Yui Hirasawalead guitarist in anime "K,ON!"
  • Yui Riocharacter from "Yandere Simulator"