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Gender: F Origin of Story: Word name

An imaginative choice with an uptempo Cory/Rory/Tori sound, perfect for the child of a writer — or anyone with a good story to tell. Story has been finding some appreciation among celebs like Minnie Driver and others as a middle name. This is just one of the literary word names that have recently entered the realm of possibility, such as Fable, Sonnet and Poem.

Famous People Named Story

Story Tweedie-Yates, American tennis player
Story Asaundra Lumpkin (b. 2001), daughter of rappers Ginuwine and Solé
Storie Faye Thornton (b. 2016), daughter of blogger Sydney Thornton aka soelsister

Pop Culture References for the name Story

Story, water nymph in movie "Lady in the Water"
story--word for the recounting of time past or of imagination
Storybrooke, setting of TV series "Once Upon a Time"