St john

English saint's name

St john Origin and Meaning

The name St john is a boy's name of English origin.
St. JOhn is mainly (but rarely) used by Catholics in England -- there's one in Jane Eyre. This would probably be too cumbersome for most American kids.

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Famous People Named St john

  • St John Greer ErvineIrish author, writer, critic and dramatist
  • St John Beverley GroserEnglish Anglican priest and socialist
  • St John Ratcliffe Stewart "Jock" HorsfallEnglish racing driver
  • (Harry) St John Bridger PhilbyBritish Arabist and explorer

St john in Pop Culture

  • St John Riverscharacter in Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"
  • St. John Allerdyce aka Pyrovillain in Marvel Comics

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