Gender: Female Pronunciation: SEE-lah Origin of Selah: Hebrew Selah's Popularity in 2018: #440

Selah Origin and Meaning

The name Selah is a girl's name of Hebrew origin.

The name is derived from the term commonly used in the Book of Psalms, which has a many Hebrew scholars in confusion over its meaning. Given its context in the Bible, Selah is likely to mean “to praise” or “pause and reflect upon what has just been said." Lauryn Hill used this name for her daughter.

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Rank in US: #440

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daydreams Says:


I prefer the "SAY-la" pronunciation. Surprised that it isn't acknowledged in the info box when it seems to be the most popular (at least when used a name) and is how it appears in both Lauryn Hill's and Emeli Sande's songs.

Shelbi Says:


This is my sister's name. We pronounce it "Say-luh". When people ask we tell them "Kayla with an S." :) She has been called See-lah quite a bit but most people pronounce it correctly the first time.

Motobeerguy32 Says:


I love it how people say other people are wrong in the way to say and the meaning of a word. Especially the website. Really? They research the names extremely well. I'd ask the website for a job if that person knows all the meanings of the names and how to pronouce them without doing any research. Hell of a job Hatgrl.

Motobeerguy32 Says:


For its original meaning and how to pronounce its see-lah. Meaning to stop and reflect or to stop and praise. Its Hebrew and written in the book of psalms. It is a word that has been around a long time and will obviously have many meaning for different time periods and cultures. Say it any way you want its your child. I just remember because I researched the name for my sis who named her daughter Selah-Grace say-lah. She just liked say-lah better is all. Either way both meanings are OK. Just pick what pronunciation is better to you and find the meanings for that word. I just love how people always say "this is the meaning and way to say it" when there's obviously many meanings and ways to say the word. Especially a word as old as Selah.

deb_geanie Says:


We decided to name our daughter Selah Monroe in Aug of 2015. Almost a year later we haven't regretted the decision even once. We pronounce her name "Say-la" and have noticed there is a lot of confusion for those trying to pronounce her name when reading it. No big deal though as I have had my name mispronounced all my life and feel like it is a common name (Deborah).

fromtheocean12 Says:


I like this pronounced say-la, not see-la.

Eleri Gwenllian Says:


It's an intriguing name but I would not use it. In high school religious studies class our teacher, who had a degree in theology and knew Biblical Hebrew, pronounced it as seh-lah

lightasafeather Says:


Actually it could be pronounced both ways. My friend uses Say-la. It's bibical meaning peace. Being a jew, we always used Seh-la. Then you have a city in Washington State pronounced See-la. I only know because my poor "say-la" moved to "see-la" when she was 8. SOOO i guess it's which ever you prefer (i personally think Sayla is the most pretty pronounciation)

Essa Says:


I've asked a lot of people about this and their seems to be a lot of variations depending on when you're from. I would also pronounce it say-la but people have also said see-la and sell-a

Janelle Says:


Pronunciation is wrong - pronounced Say-la.

babymagic Says:


Selah vie...

kpearl8 Says:


Wow, I'm really not sure how to pronounce this! The dictionary says "See-la", Most people I have heard say it when reading Psalms say "Say-la", Some people who read Hebrew said it's "Seh-la". I guess this means you can say it however you like :D

Essa Says:


I love the meaning of this name so much and would love to use it as a middle name but I just don't like the way it actually sounds and everyone seems to pronounce it differently as well!

pam Says:


We stand corrected on the meaning and derivation; we've changed it. Thanks for the heads up.

bootsie Says:


I like this name but I'm surprised (in a good way) that it is in the top 1000.

GreenEyes375 Says:


I agree with HatGirl, Nameberry has it wrong. Selah is used in the bible in the books of Psalms and Habakkuk to tell the reader to "pause and calmly/peacefully think about" what you have just read, and may also be used as a musical direction.
Sela is the Hebrew word for rock, while selah may mean "forever" or "peace", but is more than likely related to the Hebrew salah which means "to hang" (as in to weigh something).

rq79 Says:


LOVE this name!

HatGirl Says:


this site has it all wrong! it means peace! My friend is named this and she pronouces it Say lah. how dare ppl not like it

Guest Says:


I'm trying to like the name but I dislike the sound.