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Gender: F Meaning of Rin: "dignified, severe" Origin of Rin: Japanese

A very popular girls' name in Japan whose sound is consistent with its meaning. Another possibility is Ren.

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Pop Culture References for the name Rin

Rin Matsuoka, the most beautiful boy in the Japanese anime series "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club".
Rin Kagamine, a vocaloid, faternal twin sister of Len Kagamine
Rin, a minor (male) character from Final Fantasy X and X-2.
Rin Tohsaka is a character in Fate/Stay Night
Rin Kuojo is a character in Ghost Hunt (albeit pronounced as Lin)
Isuzu "Rin" Sohma from Fruits Basket
Rin/Lin from Spirited Away
Rin is a character in InuYasha
Rin Nohara, a character from manga/anime Naruto
Rin Okumura, Blue Exorcist (male)
Pronounced reene, as in lean or keen
Rin, a character in the anime/manga series "Naruto Shippuden"
Rin, a (male) character in the manga/anme 'Togainu No Chi'
Rin Hoshizora, one of the nine main idols in the anime series "Love Live!"