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Gender: F Pronunciation: Ren-AH-ta Meaning of Renata: "reborn" Origin of Renata: Latin Renata's Popularity in 2016: #539

Widely used across Europe as a common baptismal name symbolizing spiritual rebirth, Renata, in this country it has an operatic image via Italian-born divas Renata Tebadi and Renata Scotti.

Renata is back in the U.S. Top 1000 after decades away; she has a larger following in other countries--as Number 34 in Chile.

Writer/critic Renata Adler was a star among the literati. And Renata is a minor vampire character in the Twilight series.

For those of you thinking nicknames, Renata might be a full name leading to the increasingly trendy "Wren".

Famous People Named Renata

Renata Scotto, Italian opera singer
Renata Tebaldi, Italian opera singer
Renata Adler, American author
Renata Litvinova, Russian actress
Renata Chlumska, Swedish adventurer and mountaineer

Pop Culture References for the name Renata

Renata, minor character in the Twilight Saga
Renata, Linguini's mother in Pixar's "Ratatouille"
Renata, the Contessa loved by Col. Richard Cantrell in Hemingway's Across the River and Into the Trees (1950; "a book left unpraised even by the author's more enthusiastic critics")
Renata, a character in an episode of "Frasier"
Renata, a character in the "Isabelle" series by Laurence Yep
Renata López, a character in the "Una Familia de Diez" series
Renata, character of Her Interactive's Nancy Drew game "The Captive Curse"
Renata Klein, character in HBO's "Big Little Lies"

Renatia, Rennatta, Renatya, Renatta

Renata's International Variations

Nata, Rena (Russian) Renátka, Renca (Czech) Renate (German)