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Gender: Male Origin of Remus: Latin, meaning unknown

The name Remus is a boy's name of Latin origin. Remus and is often added to lists like Cool Boy Names From Ancient Cultures and discussed in our forums with posts like "Boys Makeover- Two Middles".

From the experts:

Remus is one of the legendary twins who, with brother Romulus, founded Rome. An unusual yet classic name for the extremely adventurous who can put aside the stereotyped image of Uncle Remus. Though because of that "ream" first syllable, we prefer Romulus.

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Famous People Named Remus

Remus Opriș, Romanian politician
Remus Cernea, Romanian activist and politician
Remus Pricopie, Romanian cabinet minister
(Martin Wilhelm) Remus von Woyrsch, Prussian Field Marshal
Remus Nicolai, Romanian aerobic gymnast

Pop Culture References for the name Remus

Remus, legendary founder of Rome; twin of brother Romulus
Remus Lupin, werewolf in the "Harry Potter" series
Uncle Remus, main character in stories by Joel Chandler Harris
Remus, planet in "Star Trek"



ceruleanstardust Says:


This name is really versatile to me: it can be homely or roman-time-y; I could see it on someone in tweed or all leather.

Nicknames could be: Remy, Moony, Emus, Wolf, Wolfie and Rus.

I would probably pair it (as a sibling) with Lionel, Leonidas, Drusilla or Percival.

I think the HP association is v/ positive. Lupin is courageous, intelligent, fun-loving, loyal and an all-in-all great character who makes the most out of his situation.

Skittlewiddles Says:


I like this name but the only Remus I know is from HP. I don't know how wearable it is.

hermioneameliastyles Says:


I just love this name. My little boy is going to be named Remus Matthew Nicholas.

Hazza Cat Says:


One of my best friends has a son named Remus (Remy for short. And a daughter named Rowena - you know where the inspiration came from) and is forever getting comments about how much people love his name. ❤️

euphemiadwarlock9 Says:


Remus Lupin! 😍😍😍

EW314 Says:


I think this is way more usable than Romulus. Remus Lupin from HP is a strong association but not insurmountable IMO - he's mostly referred to as Lupin in the books. I'd use Remy as a nickname.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I really like this name (Remus Lupin is a good association) and I think Rem or Reese would be cool nicknames!

Shishi Says:


Ikr I am obsessed with Remus Lupin :)

Noetje Says:


I always thought Remus Lupin was one of the coolest characters in the books. I hated it when he and Tonks died.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Romulus and Remus quarrel on where the new city (Rome) will be founded, and Remus is killed by his brother. 😁