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Gender: M Origin of Remus: Latin, meaning unknown

Remus is one of the legendary twins who, with brother Romulus, founded Rome. An unusual yet classic name for the extremely adventurous who can put aside the stereotyped image of Uncle Remus. Though because of that "ream" first syllable, we prefer Romulus.

Famous People Named Remus

Remus Opriș, Romanian politician
Remus Cernea, Romanian activist and politician
Remus Pricopie, Romanian cabinet minister
(Martin Wilhelm) Remus von Woyrsch, Prussian Field Marshal
Remus Nicolai, Romanian aerobic gymnast

Pop Culture References for the name Remus

Remus "Moony" Lupin, werewolf in the Harry Potter series
Uncle Remus, main character in stories by Joel Chandler Harris
Romulus and Remus, mythological twins that built Rome
Remus, planet in "Star Trek"