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Gender: F Meaning of Reina: "queen" Origin of Reina: Spanish Reina's Popularity in 2016: #853

An appellation for the Virgin Mary, "Queen of the apostles." After three years off the US popularity charts, Reina rejoined the list in 2014, though it lags behind alternate spellings Raina, Rayna, and Reyna.

Famous People Named Reina

Reina, American dance pop singer
Reina King, American actress
Reina Reech, Austrian-Argentine actress
Reina Roffé, Argentine novelist
Reina Tanaka, Japanese singer of band LoVendoЯ
Reina Scully , Youtuber and member of Sourcefed
Reina Fujie, Japanese pop singer of NMB48 and AKB48
Reina Triendl, Japanese model

Pop Culture References for the name Reina

Reina, character in manga/anime Rave Master
Reina Ryuugu, a character in the visual novel Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Reina, character in manga/anime Hokuto no Ken
Reina Akikawa, character in manga/anime Wangan Midnight

Reinella, Reynelle, Reinette, Reyna, Reinelle