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Gender: F Meaning of Regan: "little king" Origin of Regan: Irish

Like somewhat more popular twin sister Reagan, this vibrant last-name-first Irish choice makes a strong, straightforward option.

She does have a couple of downsides though. Regan entered the girls' list in 1974--one year after the horror flick The Exorcist featured the demonically possessed Regan MacNeill. And before that, Regan was one of the faithless daughters in Shakespeare's King Lear.

But putting all that aside--and you can--Regan makes a worthy successor to the overused Welsh Megan.

Famous People Named Regan

Regan Elizabeth Hartley, American beauty queen; Miss New Hampshire 2011
Regan Lamble, Australian Olympic racewalker
Regan Lauscher, Canadian Olympic luger
Regan, American YouTuber of PeruseProject

Pop Culture References for the name Regan

Regan, middle daughter in Shakespeare's "King Lear"
Regan Theresa MacNeil, character in the book and movie "The Exorcist"
Regan Black, character on TV's "The Black Box"
Regan Capp, character in "Sims" series
Regan Wyngarde aka Lady Mastermind, character in X-Men comics
Regan O'Neill, main character in "Luna" by Julie Anne Peters
Regan Hamleigh, Countess of Shiring, character in The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

Reagan, Reagin, Regin, Reagann, Regyn, Reghan