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Gender: M Pronunciation: rah-ool Meaning of Raoul: "wolf-counsel" Origin of Raoul: French variation of Ralph

Raoul, with its unique three-vowel middle, rolls off the tongue in an appealing way.

French painter Raoul Dufy is a worthy artistic namesake. Raul is the Spanish form.

Famous People Named Raoul

Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg, Swedish businessman who rescued thousands of Jews from the Holocaust
Raoul Hausmann, Austrian Dadaist artist
Raoul Peck, Haitian film director
Raoul Owens, English racing driver
Raoul Dufy, French painter
Albert Edward "Raoul" Walsh, American actor and director
Raoul Bott, Hungarian-American mathematician
Raoul Louis Heertje, Dutch comedian
Raoul de Godewaersvelde (born Francis Albert Victor Delbarre), French singer
Raoul Bova, Italian actor

Pop Culture References for the name Raoul

Raoul, Christine's lover in The Phantom of the Opera
Raoul Duke, pseudonym of Hunter Thompson in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
Raoul of Goldenlake, knight character in Tamora Pierce's Tortall novels

Raol, Reuel, Rowl, Roul

Raoul's International Variations

Raul (Spanish)