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Gender: M Meaning of Prescott: "priest's cottage" Origin of Prescott: English

Prescott is one of several distinguished, upper-crusty surnames beginning with P.

There are several historical surnamed Prescotts, including William, a Massachusetts Minuteman and commander at the battle of Bunker Hill, and Samuel, a Revolutonary patriot who traveled with Paul Revere on the night of his famous ride. Prescott is also the first name of the father and brother of George H.W. Bush.

Famous People Named Prescott

Prescott Sheldon Bush, U.S. Senator, father of President George H. W. Bush, grandfather of President George W. Bush
Prescott Niles, American bassist for band The Knack
Samuel Prescott Bush, American industrialist; father of U.S. Senator Prescott Bush
Ronald Prescott "Ron" Reagan, son of U.S. President Ronald Reagan
Samuel Prescott Hildreth, American physician and scientist
James Prescott Joule, English physicist and inventor
John Leslie Prescott, British politician in the Labour Party
Edward C. Prescott, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Pop Culture References for the name Prescott

Sidney Prescott, character in the Scream movies
Clive Prescott, a male character on an episode of TV's Psych
Nathan Prescott, character in the video game "Life is Strange"

Prestcot, Prescot, Prestcott