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Gender: M Meaning of Philippe: "lover of horses" Origin of Philippe: French variation of Philip

Philippe, pronounced fill-EEP, is Philip with Gallic flair.

Famous People Named Philippe

Philippe Léopold Louis Marie, King of the Belgians
Philippe de Trobriand, American military officer
(Henri) Philippe Benoni Omer Joseph Pétain, French general and chief of state
Philippe Blain, French volleyball player and coach
Philippe Dubuisson-Lebon, Canadian CFL football player
Philippe Petit, French high-wire artist
Philippe Russo, French singer-songwriter
Philippe Gilbert, Belgian cyclist
Philippe Noiret, French actor
Philippe Richert, French Senator
Philippe Dallier, French Senator
Philippe Paul, French Senator
Philippe Adnot, French Senator
Philippe Nachbar, French Senator
Philippe Coutinho, Brazilian soccer player

Pop Culture References for the name Philippe

Philippe, horse character in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"

Phyllipe, Phillippee, Phillipe, Phillepe, Phillippe, Philipe