Philemon Origin and Meaning

The name Philemon is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "kiss".
Rarely heard New Testament name -- he was a friend of Saint Paul -- that might conceivably stand up to modern usage.

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Famous People Named Philemon

  • Philemon4th,/3rd,century BCE poet and playwright
  • Philemon Tecumseh Shermanson of Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman
  • Philemon Holland (15521637), English translator
  • Philemon Pownollofficer of the Royal Navy
  • Philemon Beecher "P.B." Van Trump (18391916), American mountaineer known for the first ascent of Mount Rainier in 1870
  • Filemon Wesselink (b. 1979)Dutch television presenter

Philemon in Pop Culture

  • From Greek philema 'a kiss'. Philemon was a fairly common name in Ancient Greece.
  • Mythological; features in the tale of Baucis and Philemon.
  • Biblical; name of the recipient of one of St Paul's letters in the New Testament.
  • In Britain mainly used in the 19th century though never in great numbers. In modern times still in use in the US, though very infrequently.
  • Pronounced fi,LEE,mən or fie,LEE,mən in English, FEE,leh,mahn in German.

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