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Gender: F Meaning of Petronilla: "yokel" Origin of Petronilla: Roman and Italian feminine variation of Petronius

Petronilla is an ancient saint's name that relates to the Roman family name Petronius, thought to mean yokel, though some connect it with Petra or Peter, meaning stone. With the resurgence of so many ancient Roman names, the elaborate and pretty Petronilla or its French form Petronille seem more usable these days than they have in centuries.

Famous People Named Petronilla

Petronilla, 12th-century queen of Aragon
Petronilla Melusina von der Schulenburg, 1693-1778, illegitimate daughter of King George I of Great Britain
Petronilla Tovo, Italian painter
Petronilla de Meath, the first person in Ireland to get the death penalty for heresy

Pop Culture References for the name Petronilla

Miss Petronilla Striker, character in Henry James's 1875 novel "Roderick Hudson" (daughter of Barnaby Striker, an attorney)
Petranilla, character in Ken Follett's "World Without End"
Diminutive of Petronia. Variation: Petronella