"rock, stone"

Petronella Origin and Meaning

Variation of Pella

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Famous People Named Petronella

  • Petronella "Petsy" WyattBritish journalist
  • Petronella BarkerBritish,Norwegian actress
  • Petronella "Nel" van VlietDutch Olympic swimmer
  • Petronella Johanna Maria Godefrida "Elly" Blanksmavan den Heuvel, Dutch politician
  • Petronella Gerardina "Nel" RoosLodder, Dutch Olympic discus thrower
  • Petronella Johanna Maria "Nel" BosDutch swimmer
  • Petronella "Nel" BüchDutch sprinter
  • Petronella "Nel" BurgerhofDutch gymnast
  • Petronella Frederika Cornelia "Nel" GarritsenDutch swimmer
  • Petronella Phillemina Johanna "Nel" van RandwijkDutch gymnast
  • Petronella Veronica Maria "Nel" ZwierDutch high jumper
  • Petronella de Meath (d. 1324)the first woman executed for witchcraft in Ireland; she was burnt at the stake

Petronella in Pop Culture

  • Petronella van Daanpseudonym used for Auguste van Pels in "The Diary of Anne Frank"
  • Petronella Oortmanmain character in Jesse Burton's novel "The Miniaturist"
  • Variation of Petronilla.

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