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Honorine Origin and Meaning

The name Honorine is a girl's name meaning "honor".

The pure, simple HONOR--as chosen by Jessica Alba, is perfect as it is. It does have some literary cred though--Henry James created a character called Honorine for his novel The Tragic Muse.

Famous People Named Honorine

  • Honorine Maria "Norine" DeschrijverBelgian fashion designer
  • Honorine Hebe du Fraysse de Viane (Morel) Vernewife of novelist Jules Verne
  • Honorine Dossou NakiGhanian diplomat
  • Honorine CorbelFrench footballer

Honorine in Pop Culture

  • "Honorine" novel by Honoré de Balzac about main character Onorina (or Honorine) Pedrotti
  • Honorinemaid/housekeeper in Charade (1963)