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Gender: F Meaning of Pandora: "all gifted" Origin of Pandora: Greek

Pandora has occasionally been used by the British gentry (for girls with brothers who might be called Peregrine) but is rarely heard here, probably because Pandora was the mythological first woman on earth whose curiosity caused her to lift a forbidden box and inadvertently unleash all the evils of the world.

But perhaps she's paid the price long enough--Pandora could conceivably ride the wave of other rediscovered names Dora and Theodora—unless it's too identified with the popular internet radio site.

Pandora is the eponymous title character of an Anne Rice vampire novel, and appears in the Adrian Mole books.

Famous People Named Pandora

Pandora Beatrice Collin, English actress
Pandora Boxx, stage name of Michael Steck, American drag queen of "RuPaul's Drag Race"
Pandora Delevingne, mother of English model/actress Cara Delevingne
Pandora Lorna Mary Cooper-Key, English designer; stepsister of actress Gabriella Wilde and half-sister of Isabella Calthorpe
Pandora Vanderpump-Todd (b. 1986), daughter of reality TV personality Lisa Vanderpump
Pandora Reid (b. 1991), daughter of musician William Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain

Pop Culture References for the name Pandora

Pandora, in "The Underland Chronicles" by Suzanne Collins
Pandora "Panda" Moon, character on TV series "Skins"
Pandora Lovegood, Luna's mother in the Harry Potter series
Pandora Halfdanarson, in "Big Brother" by Lionel Shriver
Pandora, main in the Pandora series by Carolyn Hennesy
Pandora Braithwaite, love interest in the Adrian Mole series
Pandora Radio, music streaming app
Pandora, planet in movie "Avatar"
Pandora, planet in the Borderlands video games
Pandora, jewelry store known for charm bracelets

Dora, Pandorra, Panndora, Pandoura, Doura