Gender: Male Meaning of Messiah: "expected savior or deliverer" Origin of Messiah: Aramaic Messiah's Popularity in 2018: #203

Messiah Origin and Meaning

The name Messiah is a boy's name of Aramaic origin meaning "expected savior or deliverer".

A handful of years ago, a judge in Tennessee ruled that parents could not name their son Messiah, "because there's only one." That decision has since been overturned.

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Rank in US: #203

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April Ludgate Says:


This name way too much for a child to live up to. It's also too heavily tied to Christianity. Also stop with the cultural appropriation thing, if it keeps up white people wearing black will be considered offensive.

I'm a Banana Says:


The name Jesus is pronounced Haysoos.

britney d Says:


That is beyond absurd!

britney d Says:


IT SAYS in the bible that GOD sent his ONLY SON...there for GOD and JESUS are separate people.

FractalShadow Says:


Make it even more ridiculous - his middle name could be Perfecto!!!

maypearl Says:


He's not the Messiah! He's a very naughty boy!

indiefendi2 Says:


Funnily enough, if a name is so bad Child Protective Services will take the kid away because it shows the parents are mentally unstable. Like that guy who literally named his kids Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, and Joycelynn Aryan Nation. The state took those poor kids away. I don't know if he ever got them back and I sure hope not. 😣

RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


I don't understand how this name got so poular. It seems to me that if you were religious you wouldn't dream of using it and if you weren't religious then why would you use it?

bstevens09 Says:


Of all the names there are to choose from why pick one for your child that's so controversial? I love the way Salem sounds, but force myself to walk away from it because of certain negative connotations. Same can be said here.

Essa Says:


Most people who have commented on this name have not been telling you how to name your child but expressing how this name upsets them or makes them feel uncomfortable. I don't understand how others can read the comments and still want to name their child this. Whether you believe Jesus is Mesiah or not, I will never get how you could use a name knowing that you are going to upset such a great number of people by doing so. It's incosiderate and completely selfish, for once I wish we would all think of others before ourselves and this world would be a much nicer place to live in.

otheralix Says:


This name sounds quite nice. It shares sounds with many other popular names and I see no reason to not use this. It's not offensive and appropriative like the popular Cohen so if you personally have no issue, then by all means. I know a few Divines and I don't see a problem with that (religiously) either. Guess you're going to start policing Divya and Devin/Devyns, too?

Essa Says:


It's up to you what you name your child and if it's not your belief then really you have no real reason not to use the name. What you do have to understand is how it affects other people. They shouldn't be offended by your name choice as of course it has nothing to do with them and if it doesn't affect your belief system then what is the big deal?

However, I would like people to consider how Muslims would feel if you named your child Allah. It would be perceived as disrespectful to their religion and I'm sure it would make headlines because it is not PC and is not considerate to their religion. I've heard Jews say that they find the name Cohen disrespectful and while I don't fully understand their reasoning, I respect their beliefs and do not wish to offend an entire religion in one fine sweep. Messiah is a title which Christians give specifically to Jesus and it means an awful lot to them, therefore to name your child it is inconsiderate to them.

I know many people make the argument that thousands if not millions of people are named Jesus, this is different because Jesus is His name and not a title which describes His importance to the world (in the opinion of a Christian).

I urge you to consider others when naming your child. Obviously you cannot please everyone but you should consider how one name may make an entire religion uncomfortable. We are constantly encouraged to respect others religions, beliefs and cultures, naming your child Messiah does not do this.

Racroes Peterson Says:


Jesus is God. He is God the Son. Did I not just say that? We can't be gods because God created us, and created us without any god-like features or 'powers.' I'm still lost to how you think that God couldn't have sent a version of himself to send a message. He IS God after all.

snowsbeloved Says:


I never told people that they can't name their kid Messiah. I'm not sure where you are getting that from.

Racroes Peterson Says:


Jesus is apart of the trinity last time I checked. And the Trinity is three people as one... so what were you saying? (I have nothing wrong with naming your child Messiah btw)

snowsbeloved Says:


Exactly. So...why do keep telling people Jesus is not God? Like I said before, to some people He is. And to them, it's tacky to name a baby this. So, leave it be. Agree to disagree. If you like the name, great. But don't tell us that our beliefs are wrong because YOU said so. Like you said, respect goes both ways.

snowsbeloved Says:


Yikes! You need to relax. This is a FORUM. People are here to give their opinions. That's why it's called a comments section. If you don't like opinions you shouldn't have looked at this section. You sound incredibly insecure about your choice in your son's name. That's sad. You made your choice. Own it! That said, you named your son a controversial name. If you don't want to hear other people's opinions about it, LEAVE.

snowsbeloved Says:


To some Jesus is God, and others need to respect that. Of course, there is freedom of choice. But the name is still horrendously tacky.

snowsbeloved Says:


I'm surprised this name is so popular. For one thing, the name saddles your child with incredibly high expectations. That is alone is a huge deterrent. Secondly, it pretty much borders on sacrilege. I know that not everyone adheres to the Christian faith, but the fact that Christians are warned to watch out for false messiahs, why on earth would you apply that label to your son? My recommendation is to name your kid a name that MEANS "messiah, savior, etc." instead of giving them the blatant word as a name.

Zelliew Says:


Each to his own

Sel Says:


Thank you?

indiefendi2 Says:


There's only ONE. And I will call any other kid Messi accordingly.

Zelliew Says:


Inappropriate name

JessicaRK467 Says:


You have wonderful grammar

JessicaRK467 Says:


I'm not religious and I find this name terrible too. It is over-the-top pressure on your child and absolutely ridiculous. You can bet anyone with the name Messiah has a parent with an incredibly large ego. This name is just's on the same tackiness level as stripper names for girls.

JessicaRK467 Says:


What a "grown up" response...

Glasz Says:


I know two Messiahs, both female.

Kenya Says:


I really don't care what anybody says. Who cares about your opinion? Who are you all again.. Oh that's right! NOBODY! Therefore I'm naming my child as I please & I dare somebody to come at my son because his name displeases some of you.

lizway Says:


your poor child will be called "mess"

britney d Says:


Uh no, America should not ban names like New Zealand.

britney d Says:


I'd like to point out that not everyone is Christian or believes in God. I'd also like to point out that Jesus is a very common name. Naming your kid Messiah is not the worst thing in the world, and I actually like the name.

eveyalecia Says:


I'm Christian, and while I personally wouldn't choose to use this name, it's not blasphemy or sacrilegious to do so. Messiah is just a title that was given to Jesus the same way titles like lord and rabbi were. I would say, though, that parents thinking of using this name should take into account the fact that their child might not want to spend his/her life having to explain and defend his/her name to people. Maybe the name SHOULDN'T be controversial, but it IS, and people should think about that before assigning it to someone.

Guest Says:


It's sacrilegious if not just really tacky. I think the description sums it up just right. Calling your kid the Messiah is too audacious. I'd rather call my kid King for all this trouble.

britney d Says:


People who make a big deal over this name need to grow up. There's nothing wrong with it.

britney d Says:


I'm sorry but no. There are plenty of names that are just HORRIBLE and should never be given to children. There is NOTHING wrong with this name.Grow up.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I wasn't trolling. I don't troll. I was giving an exaggerated reaction. It doesn't really mean anything.

Annika Says:


... Well that was hilarious. I hope you're just trolling here.

amberdaydream Says:


No pressure, then.

shaneeda Says:


I can't belive how ppl is so offended by this..... please show me in the bible where it says we cant use messiah as a name if u like it? Ppl so caught up in religion they dont know what love is.... its like calling ur kid God? Really lol God have many names and actually he said I am who I am.... messiah have plenty of meanings such as leader.... get in ur bible an out of man expectation. God bless

Guest Says:


heard this name on the bus today and didn't want to believe it. I cringed so hard. Why?!?! Why Messiah for a mediocre child?!

Guest Says:


America should have banned names like in New Zealand.

Guest Says:


I guess there are no rules anymore. SMH *rolling eyes so hard I'm getting dizzy*

Theodora_Phoenix Says:



evelulla Says:


its like calling your kid GOD

Orchid_Lover Says:


How do you top this one? An ironic twist on the Puritan slogan tradition, perhaps: Lord-God-the-Almighty, I'm-not-a-megalomaniac-I-swear, My-Kid-is-THE-Best, Conceited?-what's-that, Winning! ...

CocoWhite Says:


I am shocked by how popular this is, by the fact that it's even in the Top 1000 at all.

LadyVanRaven Says:


I don't see why anyone would name their child this. First of all it can be considered offensive to some people and second of doesn't even sound nice! What's the appeal?

DryLake Says:


"For parents who have high expectations for their son." Yup. YUP.

lesliemarion Says:


Perfect nameberry commentary!