Gender: Female Meaning of Merry: "lighthearted, happy" Origin of Merry: English

Merry Origin and Meaning

The name Merry is a girl's name of English origin meaning "lighthearted, happy".

She'd better be. Merry is one of the classic names for Christmas babies.

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Eliane Says:


Well I might have a different perspective on the name because I'm from Switzerland and I know no real life people named Mary, I only know it from "Mary and Joseph" so that's probably why I think it has a veery religious touch to it.

mother_dragons Says:


Nah, I don't think so. I'm an atheist and don't think of Mary as a religious name at all because it's so common and classic, it doesn't have a biblical connotation in everyday life (unlike names like Abraham and Jezebel). Merry on the other hand sounds very religious to me because I literally only hear it when people say "Merry Christmas". I'd find it a lot weirder if an atheist used Merry instead of Mary

Eliane Says:


This is like a better version of Mary for Atheists lol

snowsbeloved Says:


Different etymological roots. Mary is Hebrew, Merry is an English word name or a short form of other names with various other heritages.

morning_glory Says:


I love this as a nickname - perhaps for Ismeria, Merewen, Meredith, Meriel, or even Margaret, Mariel, Marian, Marilou, etc.

alialioxenfree3 Says:


This is my mother's name. She was born in December and my Grandma's middle is Mary so she went for this variation. I've always liked her name and she does too.
My Dad's name is Chris, so it's kind of funny that they're Merry & Chris (tmas)

Nwaka Nwokeji Says:



Nwaka Nwokeji Says:


I think it's a wonderful name! More uplifiting

Nwaka Nwokeji Says:


This seems to have a different meaning of Mary when they're literally the same thing. Wow.

Impwood Says:


I like Merry as a nickname for a boy, for Meredith, Meriwether, Meriadoc, etc. It also makes a sweet nickname for a girl, but I haven't thought of what it can be short for yet!
I dislike it as a name on its own, or as a misspelling of Mary.

anna.bliss Says:


This name has a certain charm

manoj Says:


so sweet name

lesliemarion Says:


I love Merriweather for a boy and Merry for a girl. Mary is fine, but does seem to me extremely boring.

Hydra Says:


Oh, alright. You just stated it really strongly, so I thought you hated it or something. My bad. And it would be nice for a character, it'd perky.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Supposedly it's a diminuitive of Mercy. Whereas other sources say it's a variation of Mary and others point to it just being a word name. All bring one to the conclusion that Merry is feminine but, I'll admit, I adore it for a boy. Ever since Lord of the Rings, I've had my heart set on Merry for a boy - perhaps as a nickname for Meredith or Meriwether...

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I'm not saying that I am going to hate the person with this name. I am just saying my opinion. I just feel that Mary has a more classic feel to it. Even if Merry has history I still like the classic feel of Mary. Merry does have a much nicer meaning. (and when i said "to completely change the spelling AND meaning" i meant the history not the actual meaning,sorry!) but I must have said it too strongly because I do not HATE this name I just would really not want to name a child this myself. Or if someone asked me which spelling to go with I would definitely suggest Mary because we ALL can have opinions, right? For a character I wouldn't mind as much.

Hydra Says:


It has history. It's been used since around the 1600's, as both a medieval variant of Mary and from the word. Simply correcting somebody on the spelling wouldn't kill you. To many people, Mary has become boring, and this is easily an honor name. Besides "Merry" means happy, while "Mary" most commonly translates into bitterness. That's another reason one might prefer Merry. I can't believe you would be so close-minded that you're flabbergasted somebody would want to name their child something you don't approve of.

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I can't believe someone would want to name their child this. Everyone would spell it "Mary". And Mary has such beautiful history and is a very classic name. I just don't know why you would have to completely change the spelling AND meaning. All that rich history of the name is gone.