Gender: Female Origin of Melisandre: French variation of Millicent

Melisandre Origin and Meaning

The name Melisandre is a girl's name of French origin.

The romantic fairy tale-like name has come to modern attention via the beautiful but terrifying sorceress in Game of Thrones. The character may look as lovely as her name sounds, but it's hard to imagine a parent familiar with the book wanting to use the name for their child. Two alternate directions: Millicent or Melisande.

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Luísa Says:


No, I understand what you're talking. I believe I have expressed more my point of view about the matter than the general opinion. Me and the people from my everyday life don't give much importance to such " cultural icons" like Harry Potter and GoT. As an example (Weasley children): I only remember Ronnie, Gina or Ginny idk and Freddie who had a identical twin.

PS: I only watched the TV series Game of Thrones, however Melisandre is pictured as a more mysterious woman than a terrifying one. She's a murderer, but sincerely who on that show isn't?

You didn't hurt my feelings, it's ok.

armadura Says:


You know, I have to disagree.
First of all, I really don't think that in ten years or less GoT/aSoIaF will be forgotten. I believe you are underestimating how huge of a cultural icon it has become, not to mention that the series and books won't end right now. Harry Potter's last movie came out in July 2011, 4 years and a half ago. Has anyone forgotten the name of any of the Weasley children? I don't think so. And they were secondary characters. While Game of Thrones may end in a couple years, the books- considering the amount of time they have been taking to come out- won't be done for another 5 years, if not more. Consider the numbers.
Secondly, I don't think that referencing pop culture when publishing information on a name is wrong. Someone who knows nothing about Game of Thrones may have seen a picture of Melisandre, or they may just know that she is loyal, devoted and strong. And yeah, she is all that, and don't get me wrong, those are things I really admire of her character, but she is a cold-blooded murderer and has some pretty shady (got that?) business. Ramsay is a fine name. And he is probably one of the most hated characters, and one of the few that is portrayed as totally evil. Would you like such a namesake for your child? No, of course not, but if you didn't know about it, wouldn't you like to be warned?
I would love the name wasn't it tied to the character! I'd also adore Bellatrix, but right now those names are automatic references to them. Maybe in 15 years, Nameberry will take down the warning because a child who is 4 in 2035 won't have to worry. Who knows? Maybe they'll make a remake, or a related series.
I hope you understand what I meant to say with the promise that I didn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings, at all. If you have a little Bellatrix, Ramsay or Melisandre, I hope you'll ignore this rant and accept my apologies.

Luísa Says:


I sometimes think people (mainly, Nameberry) give too much attention to pop culture. Like, in 10 years (or less) Game of Thrones will be: "do you remember that series?", "oh, yeah. It's was so cool. What was the name of that dwarf again?", "yeah... I don't know. He was the best character, right?", "For sure!", END OF CONVERSATION. No one will actually remember a secondary character (at least in the series, 'cause there is a lot of people that are too lazy to read the books) like Melisandre. Btw, it's a beautiful name.