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Gender: F Origin of Marianna: Combination of Maria and Anna Marianna's Popularity in 2016: #839

While Marianna looks like a spelling variation of Mariana, the two names have different etymologies. Marianna was on and off the US Top 1000 list throughout the twentieth century, and it has now ranked consistently since 1995. While it has never appeared in the upper half of the US popularity charts, it currently ranks at Number 114 in Italy and Number 73 in Poland.

Famous People Named Marianna

Marianna Hill, American actress
Marianna Dorothy Agnes Letitia McNulty, birth name of Penny Singleton, American actress
Marianna Tolo, Australian basketball player
Marianna Martines, Austrian singer and pianist
Marianna Longa, Italian skier
Marianna Palka, Scottish actress and director

Pop Culture References for the name Marianna

Marianna, character in "The Burning Plain"

Marrianna, Maryana, Marriana, Marianna