French, feminine form of Henri
"estate ruler"

Henriette Origin and Meaning

The name Henriette is a girl's name of French origin.

Henriette is to Henri (or Henry) what Charlotte is to Charles. Yet this elegant French name is surprisingly rare in the States.

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Famous People Named Henriette

  • Henriette Mariebirth name of Henrietta Maria of France, Queen consort of Charles I of Britain
  • HenrietteFrenchwoman who was reputedly the favorite lover of Italian adventurer Casanova
  • Gertrude Walpurgis "Henriette" SontagCountess Rossi, German soprano
  • Henriette AdelaidePrincess of Savoy
  • Henriette Maria NorbertaPrincess of Liechtenstein
  • HenriëttePrincess of Nassau,Weilburg, Duchess Louis of Württemberg; ancestress of both Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of the UK
  • HenrietteCountess of Montbeliard
  • Henriette of ClevesFrench noblewoman and heiress
  • Henriette Louise Marie Françoise Gabrielle de Bourbongranddaughter of Louis XIV of France; abbess of Beaumont,lès,Tours Abbey
  • Henriette Marie Charlotte AntoinettePrincess of Belgium, Duchess of Vendome
  • Henriette Catherine of NassauPrincess consort of Anhalt,Dessau
  • Henriette Hermine Wanda Ida LuisePrincess of Schönaich,Carolath; stepdaughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II
  • Henriette BosmansDutch composer
  • Henriette VikerNorwegian footballer
  • Henriette Ekwe EbongoCameroonian journalist, publisher and political activist
  • Henriette MikkelsenDanish Olympic handballer
  • Henriette AnnaBess Helle Mette Reuss (b. 1977), Princess of Reuss, Countess of Plauen; daughter of Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reuss of Plauen; twin of sister Pauline Margaretha Emma,Louise Mette Reuss
  • Henriette Annabelle Gabriele Adrienne (b. 1978)daughter of Prince Ferfried of Hohenzollern

Henriette in Pop Culture

  • "La fete a Henriette" 1952 French movie
  • "Henriette Bimmelbahn" German picture book by James Kruss about an anthropomorphized train
  • Henriette Valoischaracter on TV's Reign; twin of sister Emone