Spelling variation of Madelyn
"high tower or woman from Magdala"

Madilyn Origin and Meaning

The name Madilyn is a girl's name.
Madelyn is the most popular, phonetically-clear spelling of the lovely and stylish French name. Madilyn edges it toward Marilyn, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Singers Madilyn Bailey and Madilyn Paige have helped put this spelling on the radar.
# 325 in the US

Madilyn Rank in US Top 1000

Madilyn Popularity

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Famous People Named Madilyn

  • Madilyn Jaz MorrowAmerican actress
  • Madilyn BaileyAmerican YouTube singer
  • Madilyn PaigeAmerican singer and contestant on TV's "The Voice"
  • Madilyn Rae Fawcett (b. 2001)daughter of soccer player Joy Fawcett
  • Madilyn Grace Smith (b. 2010)daughter of singer Ne,Yo

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