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Gender: F Meaning of Luciana: "light" Origin of Luciana: Feminine variation of Lucianus Luciana's Popularity in 2016: #434

Lushly elaborate name that makes Lucy more grownup and sensual. Carnie Wilson chose it for her daughter. Lucianus is an ancient Roman family name and Lucianus of Samosata was an early satirist. Heard most often in the Italian and Spanish cultures, Luciana is usually pronounced loo-chee-anna.

Famous People Named Luciana

Luciana Damon, wife of Matt Damon
Luciana Curtis, Brazilian model
Luciana Gimenez, Brazilian model and mother or Mick Jagger's son Lucas
Luciana Maria Dionizio, Brazilian football player
Luciana "Luci" Bella Bonfiglio (b. 2009), daughter of American singer Carnie Wilson

Pop Culture References for the name Luciana

Princess Luciana from Barbie in the Island Princess
Luciana Caporaso (born 23 June 1973, London), simply known as Luciana, is an English singer and songwriter.