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Gender: F Meaning of Leslie: "garden of holly" Origin of Leslie: Scottish Leslie's Popularity in 2016: #413

A Scottish place and surname that was once adrogynous but now leans about 20 to 1 toward the girls' side, Leslie has a pleasant, heathery feel that kept it in or near the Top 100 for several decades; the Lesly and Lesley spellings are also frequently used, especially in Britain. While Leslie may not be the freshest name in the bunch, it's become a modern classic and is one of the surprising names always to have ranked among the US Top 1000 for girls.

Trivia tidbit: Both President Gerald Ford and comedian Bob Hope were born Leslie, and Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart used the name for their daughter, in honor of actor Leslie Howard.

Famous People Named Leslie

Leslie Claire Margaret Caron, French actress
Leslie Mann, American actress
Leslie Louise Bibb, American actress
Leslie Feist, Canadian singer-songwriter
Leslie Uggams, American actress and singer
Leslie Ann Stefanson, American actress/ model/artist
Leslie Marmon Silko, American novelist
Leslie Bourgouin, French pop singer
Leslie Barbara Carter, American pop singer; sister of singers Nick and Aaron Carter
Mrs. Leslie Carter (born Caroline Louise Dudley), American actress
Leslie Jeanne Erganian, American visual artist and writer
Leslie Glass, American adult film actress
Leslie Ann "Sam" Phillips, American singer-songwriter
Leslie Howard Bogart, daughter of actors Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart

Pop Culture References for the name Leslie

Leslie Moore, character in L.M. Montgomery's "Anne's House of Dreams"
Leslie Knope, character on TV's "Parks and Recreation"
Leslie Burke, character in "Bridge to Terabithia" by Katherine Paterson
Leslie Buffay, one of Phoebe's triplets on TV's "Friends"
Leslie, character in "Ink Exchange" by Melissa Marr
Leslie Elizabeth Shay, character on TV's "Chicago Fire"
Leslie Benedict, character in "Giant" by Edna Ferber
Leslie Willis aka Livewire, character on TV's "Supergirl"
Leslie Corrales, main character in the Spanish novel "La Guerra Sucia"

Leslea, Lesley, Leslei, Lezley, Lesly, Lezlee, Lesli, Lesleigh, Les, Lesslie, Lezlie, Lezli, Leslye, Leslee