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Gender: M Origin of Kelvin: Scottish river name Kelvin's Popularity in 2016: #726

Kevin-Melvin hybrid cloned in the 1920s and still alive.

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Famous People Named Kelvin

Kelvin Benjamin, American football player
Kelvin MacKenzie, English newspaper editor
Kelvin Sampson, American college basketball coach
Kelvin Mercer aka Posdnuos, member of rap trio De La Soul
Kelvin Burt, English racing driver
Kelvin Tan, Singaporean pop singer
Kelvin Fletcher, English actor

Pop Culture References for the name Kelvin

River Kelvin in Glasgow, Scotland, eponym of William Thomson, 1st Lord Kelvin, Scottish physicist and engineer, inventor of the Kelvin scale of absolute temperature
The kelvin is the fraction 1⁄273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water.

Kelvyn, Kelvan, Kellven, Kelven, Kelwin, Kelwinn, Kelvon, Kelwyn