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Gender: M Meaning of Judd: "flowing down" Origin of Judd: Medieval short form of Jordan

Judd is a strong but sensitive short form that can easily stand on its own, the second 'd' giving it a lot more substance, and it would also be a good middle name choice. Two recent actors have given it credence--Judd Nelson and Judd Hirsch, and now it's most noticeably represented by comedy director Judd Apatow.

Judd is a fairly prevalent surname, represented by the family of Naomi, Wynonna and Ashley, and the minimalist artist Donald Judd.

Famous People Named Judd

Judd Apatow, American film director/producer/screenwriter
Judd Asher Nelson, American actor
Judd Seymore Hirsch, American actor
Judd Alan Gregg, U.S. Senator and 76th Governor of New Hampshire
Judd Winick, American cartoonist and former "Real World" cast member
Judd Bernard (born Sherman Bernard Goldberg), American film producer
Judd Trump, English pro snooker player
Harry Judd, English drummer for band McFly
Donald Judd, American sculptor

Pop Culture References for the name Judd

Judd Travers, character in "Shiloh" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Jud, Judson