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Gender: M Origin of Jordi: Catalan variation of George

To the American ear, Jordi seems like a nickname for Jordan, which means this popular name from Spain could certainly cross cultures.

Famous People Named Jordi

Jordy Nelson, National Football League player
Jordi Alba, Catalan soccer player (FC Barcelona)
Jordi Pujol, former president of Catalonia
Jordi Cruz Mas, Catalan chef
Jordi Dreher, YouTube and Instagram Makeup Artist (itslikelymakeup)

Pop Culture References for the name Jordi

Jordi Palacios, character on the Red Band Society played by Nolan Sotillo
Palau Sant Jordi, main indoor sporting arena in Barcelona, Catalonia
Jordi Chin, character in the game "Watch Dogs"
(Although it says this name is of Spanish origins, it's not. The only people in Spain named Jordi are Catalan.)