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Gender: F Meaning of Jessie: "wealthy" Origin of Jessie: Anglicized form of Teasagh or diminutive of Jessica Jessie's Popularity in 2016: #642

Jessie has never been used as much as Jennie/Jenny, partly because it's a boys’ name as well (spelled Jesse), but it does have a friendly and unpretentious pioneer feel. In Scotland, it's found as an Anglicized form of Teasagh, itself a form of Jean, and is used as a full name. And in the rest of the world, Jessie may be short for Jessica or used on its own.

Jessie Redmon Fauset was a novelist known for her involvement in the Harlem Renaissance.

Famous People Named Jessie

Jessie Street, 20th Century Australian feminist, labour and social advocate
Jessica Rose "Jessie" James Decker, American country music singer
Jessie J, English singer (born Jessica Ellen Cornish)
Jessie Baylin (born Baldassare), American singer-songwriter
Jessica Lily "Jessie" Bridges, daughter of actor Jeff Bridges
Jessica Ruth "Jessie" Mueller, American actress
Jessie Wallace (born Karen Jane Wallace), English actress
Jessica Lois "Jessie" Ware, English singer-songwriter
Jessie Matthews, English actress
Jessica 'Jessie' Cave, English actress
Jessie James Combs (b. 2006), daughter of Sean " Diddy" Combs

Pop Culture References for the name Jessie

Jessie, cowgirl in Disney Pixar's "Toy Story" series
Jessie Prescott, main character on TV's "Jessie"
Jessica "Jessie" Alden, character in the "Boxcar Children" series
"Jessie, Paint a Picture," song by Joshua Kadison
Jessie, character in book/movie "A Little Princess"
Jessie Barnes, character in movie "Alaska"
Jessie Deighan, character in movie "Cliffhanger"
Jessie the Lyrics Fairy, character in "Rainbow Magic" book series
Jessie, character in video game Pokemon, member of Team Rocket
"Dear Jessie," song by Madonna

Jessy, Jessa, Jesse, Jessi, Jessye, Jessee, Jessey, Jess