Variation of Jedidiah, Hebrew
"beloved of the Lord"

Jedediah Origin and Meaning

The name Jedediah is a boy's name meaning "beloved of the Lord".
Blink and you’ll miss that the first I in Jedidiah was swapped for an E.

Jedediah Popularity

20 Names Similar to Jedediah

Lists containing Jedediah

Famous People Named Jedediah

  • Jedediah Strong SmithAmerican Western explorer
  • Jedediah Morgan GrantAmerican Mormon leader
  • Jedediah FosterAmerican judge and patriot
  • Jedediah StruttAmerican hosier who invented the ribbed stocking
  • Jedediah BilaFEMALE author, columnist, TV/radio host, and Fox News contributor

Jedediah in Pop Culture

  • Jedediah "Jed" LawrenceTopanga's father on TV's "Boy Meets World"
  • Jedediah Cleishbothamimaginary editor in Walter Scott's "Tales of My Landlord"
  • Jedediah Dinglecharacter on British soap "Emmerdale"
  • Jedediahminiature cowboy in film "Night at the Museum"

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