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Gender: Female Meaning of Jeanne: "God is gracious" Origin of Jeanne: French variation of Jean

The name Jeanne is a girl's name of French origin meaning "God is gracious". Jeanne and is often added to lists like Saints' Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Rate the Previous Signature!".

From the experts:

Pronounced just like Jean in the English-speaking world, but as the more exotic zhahn in France, this has sailed away with the first wave of French favorites: Denise, Michelle, et soeurs.

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Famous People Named Jeanne

Sainte Jeanne d'Arc aka Joan of Arc, French heroine
Jeanne I-III, Queens of Navarre
Jeanne Bécu, comtesse du Barry aka Madame du Barry, mistress of King Louis XV of France
Jeanne Elizabeth Crain, American actress
Jeanne Marie Tripplehorn, American actress
Jeanne Shaheen (born Cynthia Jeanne Bowers), U.S. Senator from New Hampshire
Jeanne Phillips aka Abigail van Buren, "Dear Abby" advice columnist
(Wilma) Jeanne Cooper, American actress
Jeanne d'Angoulême, Countess of Bar-sur-Seine; sister of Francis I of France
Jeanne Bonaparte, Princess of France; Marquise de Villeneuve-Escaplon; great-niece of Napoleon I
Marie Jeanne Baptiste, Princess of Savoy-Nemours
Jeanne Robertson, American radio comedienne, Miss North Carolina 1963
Jeanne Louise Calment, Frenchwoman with longest recorded human lifespan
Jeanne Moreau, French actress, screenwriter, singer, and director
Jeanne Moos, TV journalist
Jeanne d'Alcy (born Charlotte Lucie Marie Adèle Stephanie Adrienne Faës), French actress, wife of director Georges Melies
Jeanne Mathilde Sauve, 23rd Governor General of Canada
Jeanne Marjorie Holm, first woman one-star general of the U.S. Air Force
Jeanne Zelasko, American sportscaster
Jeanne Birdsall, American children's novelist
Jeanne Quinault, French stage actress
Jeanne Dumée, French pioneering astronomer
Saint Jeanne Jugan aka Sister Mary of the Cross, French founder of the Little Sisters of the Poor
Jeanne Marie Welch, daughter of Korn guitarist Brian Welch
Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, American author

Pop Culture References for the name Jeanne

Jeanne, main character in movie "Last Tango in Paris"
Dr. Jeanne Benoit, character on TV's "NCIS"
Jeanne, character in video game "Bayonetta"
Jeanne de St. Caux, character in G. A. Henty's, In the Reign of Terror
Jeanne, character in G. A. Henty's "Bonnie Prince Charlie"
Jeanne, character in "The Case Study of Vanitas"
Jeanne, heroine of Japanese manga and anime, "Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne".


kelsimmariep Says:


I adore this pronounced zjahn but i know none of our family will ever pronounce it correctly :(

kalanigirl Says:


This is my mother's name, a combination of her patron saint, Jeanne d'Arc, and my grandmother's favorite actress, Jeanne Crain. She pronounces it like Jean; some people assume the extra letters at the end mean it's pronounces like "genie" (which is what grandma calls her). It's nice and simple, and I prefer this spelling to the plainer Jean.

Catastroffy Says:


In France it is pronounced "zjan",,with a short "a" sound, as in apple. It's the French equivalent of Jane.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I keep pronounced this in my head as JEE-ANNE instead of Jean.

leonoras Says:


I love this as a more modern alternative to Joan, if you want to name your daughter after Joan of Arc.