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Gender: M Meaning of Humbert: "renowned warrior" Origin of Humbert: German

A name with two strong literary associations, one negative -- Lolita's narrator Humbert Humbert -- and one positive, in the preferable European version: Italian author Umberto Eco.

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Famous People Named Humbert

Saint Humbert of Maroilles, Frankish abbot
Humbert I-III, Counts of Savoy
Humbert I and II, Dauphins de Viennois
Humbert V de Beaujeu, Constable of France
Humbert of Silva Candida, French Benedictine abbot
Blessed Humbert of Romans, French Dominican friar
Humbert, bishop of Würzburg

Pop Culture References for the name Humbert

Humbert Humbert, pedophile main character in book/film "Lolita"
Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, a dapper cat in the animes "Whisper of the Heart" and "The Cat Returns"

Humbert's International Variations

Hunfrido, Hunfredo, Humbaldo, Humberto (Spanish) Umberto (Italian)