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Gender: M Meaning of Hiro: "broad, widespread" Origin of Hiro: Japanese

Hiro is an apt name for a hero of the show Heroes -- and for our times. Widely used in Japan, sometimes also for girls. Hiroshi is a long form.

Famous People Named Hiro

Hiro Mashima, Japanese manga artist
Hiro Mizushima, Japanese model and actor
Hiro Shimono, Japanese voice actor

Pop Culture References for the name Hiro

Hiro Nakamura, character on TV's "Heroes"
Hiro, character in manga "Soul Eater"
Hiro Protagonist, main character in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash
Hiro Hamada / Hiro Takachiho, character in comic/film "Big Hero 6"
Hiro Hiyorimi, main character in manga "Princess Resurrection"
Hiro Granger, a character in the Beyblade series
Hiro Sohma, a character in the Fruits Basket anime and manga series
Hiroshi Nohara, character in the Crayon Shin-Chan series
Hiro, character from the Hidamari Sketch comic strip
Hiro, main character in Lunar: Eternal Blue video game
Hiro, character in Ginga Densetsu Weed series
Hiro Sakurai, character in manga Miki Falls
Hiro, a Japanese steam engine character from the Thomas and Friends special "Hero of the Rails"
Hiro Fuse, character in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series
Hiro the Mini Ninja, player character in Mini Ninjas video game