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Gender: F Origin of Hedy: Diminutive of Hedwig

Linked to one of the great screen beauties, but has never appealed much to Americans.

Famous People Named Hedy

Hedy Lamarr (born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler), Austrian-American actress and inventor of early wireless communication
Hedwig Grace "Hedy" West, American folk singer-songwriter
Heather Elizabeth "Hedy" Burress, American actress
Hedy Sylvia "Rosy" Pereira, Indonesian-Dutch pop singer
Hedy Klineman, American painter
Hedy Epstein, German-American political activist
Hedy Habra, Lebanese-American poet
Heather 'Hedy' Clark, YouTuber and sister of singer/songwriter Dodie Clark

Pop Culture References for the name Hedy