"from the windy village"

Wyndham Origin and Meaning

The name Wyndham is a boy's name of English origin meaning "from the windy village".

This artistic and aristocratic surname is a bold and daring choice, but with nature inspired names like Wren on the rise, and surnames-as-first-names being in vogue, Wyndham was a fast riser in 2023.

Notable namesakes include the artist (and founder of the Vorticist movement) Wyndham Lewis, and the author John Wyndham, who wrote The Day of The Triffids - however, it is unlikely to have been either of these two who inspired the rise in young Wyndhams.

Instead, this increase is most likely down to the American golfer, Wyndham Clark, who won both the Wells Fargo Championship and the U.S. Open in 2023, which may have brought visibility to the name.

Windy might be an intuitive nickname option, but opinion is divided on whether it's breezy and cool, or, well, just a bit gassy. Wyn might be a concise and gentle alternative, or even "Dub" which is Wyndham Clark's nickname, short for W (double-you/dub-uh-you).

Wyndham Popularity

Famous People Named Wyndham

  • (Percy) Wyndham LewisEnglish painter and novelist
  • Wyndham HalswelleBritish Olympic sprinter
  • Wyndham Rose Simpson (b. 2014)daughter of golfer Webb Simpson & Taylor Down Keith

Wyndham in Pop Culture

  • Wyndham Flitterman,about,town in The Pottleton Legacy (1849), Albert Smith's facetious novel of types 'halfway between Dickens and comic papers'
  • Wyndhamhotel chain
  • Wyndham Frederick 'Freddie'Celandine's older brother in the novel 'Celandine'