Gender: Female Pronunciation: GEE-zah-lah, jiz-ELLE Meaning of Giselle: "pledge/hostage" Origin of Giselle: German Giselle's Popularity in 2019: #328

Giselle Origin and Meaning

The name Giselle is a girl's name of German origin meaning "pledge/hostage".

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen undoubtedly gave this name a boost. The French pronunciation (jiz-ELLE) gives it a more graceful, balletic, gazellelike feel.

In the 2007 film Enchanted, Giselle is the name of the ingenuous princess, portrayed by Amy Adams, living in the fantasy animated kingdom of Andalasia.

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Rank in US: #328

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Famous People Named Giselle

Pop Culture References for the name Giselle

Gizella, Gigi, Ghisella, Gissella, Ghisele, Gisel, Gissela, Gizel, Gizelle, Gissell, Gisell, Gysell, Gella, Giseli

Giselle's International Variations

Gizike, Gizi, Gizus (Hungarian) Ghislaine, Gisele (French) Giselda, Gisella (German) Giza, Gizela (Slavic) Gisela (Italian) Gisela (Spanish)


KaiLun Says:


Yeah, I don't like the meaning hostage nor pledge. Sounds like you're pledging your life away to unconditionally serve someone to thank them for some small "good" deed they did. What could go wrong? Couldn't have possibly been for an ulterior motive and they couldn't possibly become evil later! I think I've seen too much movies and tv shows lol

I'm not really big on the 'promise' definition too. I guess I just don't like people making promises they can't keep or have little control over. I feel like assurance should have the same problem with these terms but I don't really have a problem with assurance for some reason. I guess assurance just comes off as a softer meaning of promise/pledge and not as serious?

I know many people like the virtue of promise though so I support people to go for this name if they love it. It's just not my cup of tea and I prefer a hard 'g' sound so I'll probably go with Gazelle instead

HarvestSong Says:


This describes my daughter, Giselle, perfectly.

Kai325! Says:


Giselle is my name. Honestly, I kind of have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with it. Grew up with the nickname Gigi, but I loathe that nickname now that I'm in my late 20's. Giselle is pretty, exotic, I definitely got a lot of attention from the boys for it when I was still dating ( a lot of "oooh Giselle" like me just saying my name was my attempt at flirting. Not great.)

I do like that it's different, but I would have never chosen it myself. It's sickeningly Feminine with no available nicknames. Super girly and ritzy sounding, when I'm anything but those 2 things.

I do have a friend name Gysel, and she's the fun, flirty type and it suits her very well.

I'm Puerto Rican, and I've only ever met other women of color with my name.

If you're in love with the name, I guess go for it, but otherwise it's an incredibly pigeon-holey type name and I would have chosen something much simpler.

leahfitzy1 Says:


nick name jiz goes down bad

CJ Says:


Giselle is a popular name and I’ve never once heard of anyone being teased and called jizz. I doubt you’d have to worry about that if you chose this name.

ceruleanstardust Says:


Same, unfortunately. It's a shame though as it's a beautiful name.

gaura Says:


What about the spanish pronunciation? I'm surprised no one mentions the spanish pronunciation since the name's highest usage is by the hispanic population in the U.S. and they pronounce it Jshee-Sel. Or you could slightly Americanize the spanish pronunciation to Jih-Sel. I personally think this pronunciation with an "S" sound is much more beautiful than either the German or French and you would avoid negative associations with "jizz" or "gazelle" with the "Z" sound.

carlyfairy Says:


Can’t help but think of jizz. 😬

jewel Says:


i'm sorry because this is not relevant but i'm a genevieve noelle too!!!

Genevieve Noelle Says:


It’s my mum’s name too!

Ruanne Says:


I'll put on my language nerd hat for a second here. They should expand the meaning explanation a bit, it's more like a pledge or assurance given as a promise to return something. Sometimes the ancient root words would mean hostage, too, though. It's a bit like the name Ransom. It can have religious overtones of redemption, as much as it sounds almost criminal!

Nameberry should redo the etymology of this one.

SloaneSquare Says:


That makes me love it more!

bordercollie Says:


Gorgeous! Giselle is so dainty and refined. A nice combination of lacy, elegant, and strong. I see Giselle as a day-dreaming little girl in a pretty floral dress, always getting her clothes muddy and her socks ripped. I think she'd be sassy, but sweet, maybe a little ballerina, running around and climbing trees.

issy_71 Says:


Theodora_Phoenix i love yourr username! love it. Theodora Pheonix :)

issy_71 Says:


reminds me of geese

morning_glory Says:


Giselle is gorgeous. It's melodic, golden, and doe-like, and I always pair it with Odette, as they have practically identical feels, as well as similar literary/ballet connections.

xhart Says:


Not a fan of the sound or meaning. It's a bit creepy to name your daughter something that means hostage...

vader Says:


my name is giselle and friends used call me that until i learnt what else is called "jizz" so i told them to call me elley instead lmfao

cricketbell Says:


My mom's name <3

jaz.fortune Says:


I like this as a middle name with Luna. Luna Giselle, very pretty

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


Love this name, but half my family is French and the other half is German. She'd have to go by two different pronunciations her whole life.

Yessica Says:


Jizz is all I think of lmao

EW314 Says:


I think this is a stunning name, but I'd be worried about teasing because of the "jizz" bit.

Hailey Says:


Oh my. My dirty mind is at work here... :-]

Hailey Says:


You could have crawled into my head and taken the description directly from it. That's exactly what I think of too!

Lena_Aline Says:


Not a fan.

indiefendi2 Says:


in the top 10 of most beautiful names in the world, end of story!

(*with the French pronunciation)

RoddyThlayli Says:


Although I don't actively dislike it, Giselle makes me think of a snobby French lady from the 1700s.

Catastroffy Says:


I have a bad association with this name, I guess.

headintheclouds Says:


I really really love Giselle. It's so pretty, and evokes the image of ballerinas for me, as Clara does. It's remained my top choice of potential middle names for a future daughter since forever, and I hope that I would have a little (first-name-still-blank) Giselle someday!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Sometime last year shortly before joining Nameberry, I liked this name- but spelled Gyzelle! I was all about creative spellings then. Not so hot on them now.

_ Says:


It's been a while since I heard this name! One of my best friends in grade school was named Giselle and everyone called her Jizzy. I actually really like it, and Elle as a nn would be cute.

Rush1986 Says:


I feel like there are alot of teasing factors with this name, but i absolutely love it.

shelly68 Says:


We're actually considering Giuselle because it's a combo of my husband "Giuseppi" and my name "Shelly"

Guest Says:


Like the animal? I like the soft G like the supermodel Gisele

Poechester Says:


Love the name, but I prefer it with a hard G sound - GAH-zell.