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Gender: Female Meaning of Ginevra: "white shadow, white wave" Origin of Ginevra: Italian variation of Guinevere

The name Ginevra is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "white shadow, white wave". Ginevra and is often added to lists like Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare and discussed in our forums with posts like "What would you name a sibling to...?".

From the experts:

A lovely alternative for the Jennifer-lover.

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Famous People Named Ginevra

Ginevra King, American socialite and debutante; first love of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ginevra de Benci, 15th century Italian aristocrat, subject of a Leonardo da Vinci painting
Ginevra Cantofoli, Italian painter
Ginevra Elkann, Italian film director
Ginevra Sforza, wife and counselor of Giovanni II Bentivoglio, lord of Bologna
Ginevra Gilardino, daughter of Alberto Gilardino & Alice Bregoli

Pop Culture References for the name Ginevra

Ginevra Molly "Ginny" (Weasley) Potter, character in the Harry Potter series
Ginevra Fanshawe, pretty and vain character in Charlotte Bronte's novel "Villette"
"Ginevra di Scozia," opera by Simon Mayr
Princess Ginevra of Scotland, main character in "Ariodante" by George Frideric Handel
The Hon. Ginevra Hipsley, character in "Hudson River Bracketed" (1929) and "The Gods Arrive" (1932) by Edith Wharton, 'who kept white mice on whose sensibilities she experimented by means of folk-songs accompanied by the accordion'
"Ginevra degli Almieri," 1935 Italian movie
Ginevra Galbraith, character in Sir Gibbie


RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


No offense to Ginny Weasley but I'm not fond of this name at all, just sounds unpleasant to me. Much prefer Guinevere to both this and Jennifer.

headintheclouds Says:


I love the whole group of Jennifer, Guinevere, Geneva, Gwendolyn, Genevieve similar-sounding names, and Ginevra fits right into the category, with the appeal of being the most unusual of the bunch (also the liveliest and most spirited-sounding IMO). Ginevra is regal, imposing, elegant and feminine, and I love the way it's spelled with the -evra in there.

However, I'm not sure how usable this name will be to someone non-Italian. Those in the know would probably just think the parents are huge Harry Potter fans, especially if you use the nickname Ginny. I personally prefer the nicknames Neve, Eve or Eva for Ginevra; they're much less intuitive than Ginny but I think they still work.

namesrahobby Says:


everyone i know is always saying that its ginerva...

namesrahobby Says:


total guilty pleasure name.. i think the only reason i like it is because of Ginny Weasley and the only reason I like her is because of little0bird fanfiction

Floris Says:


That's true. Not my favourite character (also because of the Harry/Ginny) but she is kind of cool in the books. I feel like she could have been a great character if there was more about her in the books...? Like, JKR's own image of her could be really awesome, but she doesn't really have enough "book time" for me to really know that?

eveyalecia Says:


I agree, I wasn't a fan of Harry and Ginny's relationship either. Ginny's character was much more likeable in the books, though. That doesn't have anything to do with JKR's decision to put them in a relationship...

Floris Says:


Eh, I've read all the books. And whilst I don't hate her I think it's a bit creepy that she got together with Harry. He basically married his fangirl. Plus we never really saw them develop a relationship... There was probably more build up to his "relationship" with Cho than with Ginny.

OPTP Says:


For the longest time I thought it was Ginerva

EW314 Says:


Ginevra is such a beautiful, underused name. It feels more wearable than Guinevere to me, though I really love the latter too (but only as a GP). Ginevra would be a lovely, quirky option to honour a Jennifer, Genevieve or even Virginia.

Oh, and Ginny Weasley is a great namesake! The films didn't do her any favours - she just comes across as moody and lovestruck most of the time - but in the books she's super smart, brave and sassy.

Impwood Says:


I actually think Jennifer is prettier...there is the softer "f" sound, and it doesn't have the hard R either.

alexxastonem Says:


I'd love to know how americans pronounce Ginevra because it's lovely in Italian but I guess it's a bit harsh for you to pronounce it in the right way...

eveyalecia Says:


She was much more likable in the books than the movies... I think Harry's POV in the books didn't do her justice, but if you pay attention to her when she pops up she's pretty snarky and kickass.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Ginny was not a very likeable character in my opinon.She was kind of a brat, and so bland that she might as well have been a background character

Myosotis Says:


I love this name because of Ginny. :)

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I just finished reading Harry Potter, and honestly I was shocked to find out that this was Ginny's actual name. But then again, I never liked that character anyway.