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Gender: M Meaning of Gervaise: "skilled with a spear" Origin of Gervaise: French

Unusual saint's name rarely heard outside Roman Catholic rectories until it made an appearance on a reality-TV show; has an attractive French feel.

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Famous People Named Gervaise

Gervaise Cooke, British naval secretary
Gervaise of Bazoches, Prince of Galilee and Lord of Tiberias
Francois Armand Gervaise, French Carmelite historian

Pop Culture References for the name Gervaise

"Gervaise Macquart," opera by Giselher Klebe
Gervaise Tresham, character in G. A. Henty's, A Knight of the White Cross

Jarvis, Jervaise, Jervis, Gervase, Gervis

Gervaise's International Variations

Gervasi (Russian) Gervais (French) Gervasio (Portuguese) Gervaas (Dutch) Gervas (German) Gerwazy (Polish)