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Gender: Male Meaning of Gerald: "ruler with the spear" Origin of Gerald: English and Irish from German Gerald's Popularity in 2017: #824

The name Gerald is a boy's name of English origin meaning "ruler with the spear". Gerald is ranked #824 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Old Man Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Adding then Eliminating - Boys Themed".

From the experts:

Both a saint's name and a presidential one via Gerald Ford—who was born Leslie—Gerald is a quintessential 1930s-40s name, when it ranked as high as Number 19. Hence all those nice middle-aged and senior Jerrys we've known and loved. Gerald has always been popular in Ireland, accounting for the prevalence of Fitzgeralds there. Though not considered stylish, Gerald remains on the popularity charts. Cousin Gerard has a similar profile, Geraldo is the well-used Spanish version, and Geraldine is the most promising of the family, in line to follow the path of Josephine to imminent revival.

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Famous People Named Gerald

Gerald Dempsey "Buster" Posey III, professional baseball catcher for the San Francisco Giants
Gerald Earl Gillum, rapper known as G-Eazy
Gerald Rudolph "Jerry" Ford (born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.), 38th U.S. President
Gerald Jermaine Wallace, American basketball player
Gerald Green, American basketball player
Gerald Lind Sensabaugh, American NFL football player
Gerald "Gerry" Goffin, American songwriter/lyricist
Gerald Joseph "Gerry" Mulligan, American jazz saxophonist
Gerald Lee "Mac" McRaney, American actor
Trevell Gerald Coleman aka G. Dep, American rapper
Gerald Maurice Edelman, American biologist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Floyd Gerald "Jerry" Brisco, American pro wrestler
Gerald of Wales, archdeacon of Brecon and chronicler of his times
Gerald Anthony Scarfe, English cartoonist and illustrator
Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer, British-born TV personality, attorney, and former Cincinnati mayor & news anchor
Gerald William "Jerry" Trainor, American actor
Gerald A. "Jerry" Paulsen, founder of Jerry's Enterprises, Inc.

Pop Culture References for the name Gerald

Gerald Winters, character from TV series "NYPD Blue"
Gerald O'Hara, Scarlett's father in "Gone with the Wind"
Gerald Martin Johanssen, Arnold's best friend on TV series "Hey Arnold!"
Gerald Summers, character in G. A. Henty's "Under Drake's Flag"
Gerald Kingsley, character on TV's "Grandfathered," played by Josh Peck
Gerald, sea lion in Pixar's "Finding Dory"
Gerald, character from "The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty"

Jerold, Jerrald, Jaryl, Gerold, Gerrald, Gerritt, Gerry, Jerrold, Gerard, Gerrell, Jerry

Gerald's International Variations

Girlado (Italian) Gerek (Polish) Gearald, Gearóidin (Irish Gaelic) Gerhart, Gerhard (German) Gellert, Gellart (Hungarian) Gérald, Géralde, Giraud, Girauld, Géaud (French) Gearoid (Irish) Jarel, Jarell (Scandinavian) Garolds, Garold, Garald (Russian) Gerrit (Dutch) Herrado, Jeraldo, Geraldo (Spanish)


GenEric Says:


I love this name, but prefer Ger as a nickname.

kousa Says:


Do you think you could get the nickname "Gem" out of this? It seems like a bit of a stretch but is super cute!
Maybe the alternative Jerald would be better for the nn Jem...

paulapuddephatt Says:


I have a slight preference for Gerard, but both names are nice, and Gerry as a nickname is cute.

Carol Says:


my father is Gerald, otherwise i would probably love Geraldine. but i do tend to like heavy cumbersome names. they would joke that they considered naming me Geraldine, which is perhaps why i hate it, but I ended up with Carol. my parents were not good namers in general.

Catastroffy Says:


Gerald and Gerard are both very handsome names, but I see Geraldine as being rather syllable-heavy and cumbersome, so I'm suprised that it is the "most promising in the family".

notquitetea Says:


The description made me laugh, because my dad's name was Jerry, and he was a perfectly nice guy, and if I have another son I will be naming him after his grandfather :-) We would use the nickname Jed (Ged) for Gerald instead of Jerry though. Gives the name a fresh twist I think.