Celtic, meaning unknown

Geraint Origin and Meaning

The name Geraint is a boy's name of Welsh, Celtic origin.
The connection to a knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend gives this name a hint of nobility. Geraint Thomas was a Welsh cyclist who competed in the 2008 Olympics.

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Famous People Named Geraint

  • Geraint Howell ThomasWelsh cyclist
  • Geraint Owen JonesEnglish cricketer
  • (David) Geraint WilliamsWelsh footballer
  • Geraint Llewellyn EvansWelsh operatic baritone
  • Geraint Meurig Vaughan WatkinsWelsh rock pianist
  • Geraint Wyn DaviesWelsh actor
  • Geraint Wyn HowellsBaron Geraint, Welsh MP

Geraint in Pop Culture

  • "Geraint son of Erbin" medieval Welsh poem about the title character at the Battle of Llongborth
  • Geraint Wyn Cooperfather of Gwen Cooper in Torchwood