English from Latin
"from France; free man"

Franziska Origin and Meaning

Variation of Frances

Franziska Popularity

20 Names Similar to Franziska

Lists containing Franziska

Famous People Named Franziska

  • Franziska Maria AnnaPrincess of Hohenlohe,Waldenburg,Schillingsfürst, Archduchess of Austria
  • Franziska TroegnerGerman actress
  • Franziska WeberGerman Olympic sprint canoer
  • Franziska van AlmsickGerman Olympic swimmer
  • Franziska "Franzi" GudeGerman Olympic field hockey player
  • Franziska Constanze HentschelGerman Olympic field hockey player
  • Franziska SchenkGerman Olympic speed skater
  • Franziska Maria "Ska" KellerGerman politician
  • Franziska Oehlermother of philosopher Friedrich Nietzche
  • Maria Franziska von Trappdaughter of singers Georg and Maria von Trapp of "The Sound of Music" fame

Franziska in Pop Culture

  • Franziska von Karmaa character in the Ace Attorney video game series

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