Candida Origin and Meaning

The name Candida is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "white".

Attractive ancient name borne by several saints but sullied by association with yeast infection.

# 893 in the US

Candida Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Candida

  • Saint Candida the ElderNeapolitan saint
  • Maria Candida of the Eucharistbeatified Carmelite nun
  • Candida BalfourEnglish journalist and blogger, niece to the Duke of Norfolk
  • Candida Branca FlorPortuguese entertainer and traditional singer
  • Candida CaveEnglish artist and writer
  • Candida DoyleIrish keyboard player and singer with band Pulp
  • Candida HöferGerman photographer
  • Candida Lycett GreenBritish author
  • Candida MossEnglish academic and writer
  • Candida RoyalleAmerican pornographic producer,director
  • Candida ThompsonEnglish violinist
  • Candida TobinEnglish author of a music education system

Candida in Pop Culture

  • Candida albicansyeast/mold responsible for yeast infections
  • "Candida" play George Bernard Shaw, produced in 1897
  • Candidacharacter on Disney TV sitcom "Phil of the Future"
  • "Candida"Song by Tony Orlando and Dawn