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Gender: M Meaning of Ferdinand: "bold voyager" Origin of Ferdinand: German

Ferdinand, a traditional name in the royal families of Spain and a handsome young prince shipwrecked on Prosper's island in Shakespeare's The Tempest has, unfortunately, to the American ear a somewhat heavy and clumsy feel -- most likely because of the bull connection. In the 1880's it was in the 200's on the US pop list, but has been off completely since 1986. The sexier Spanish and Portuguese version, on the other hand, is Number 253 (and 28 in Chile, 59 in Spain). An interesting Dutch spin: the short form Dinand, after a popular singer. Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan was the first European to cross the Pacific and the first person to circumnavigate the earth.

Famous People Named Ferdinand

Ferdinand von Lindemann, German mathematician
Franz Ferdinand - assasinated Archduke of Austria
Ferdinand I, Portuguese king
Ferdinand II, Portuguese king consort
Ferdinand Buisson, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Pop Culture References for the name Ferdinand

Ferdinand Hollie, from TV series "NYPD Blue"
Ferdinand from Shakespeare's play The Tempest
Franz Ferdinand, Scottish band
Ferdinand, the duck from the children's movie Babe
Ferdinand from the TV series Orphan Black
Ferdinand "Foggy" Nelson- character in Marvel's "Daredevil"

Ferd, Ferdie

Ferdinand's International Variations

Fernão (Portuguese) Fernán, Ferdi, Hernando, Nando, Ferni, Ferdo, Fernando, Ferdinando, Fernandeo, Ferdino (Spanish) Ferrando (Italian) Nándor (Hungarian) Ferdynand, Ferdynandy (Slavic) Fernand, Fernandu, Ferrante, Ferrand (French) Nandru (Romanian)