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Gender: F Meaning of Faye: "fairy" Origin of Faye: English Faye's Popularity in 2015: #928

Does Fay really need that e at the end? We vote no, but modern parents disagree: The Faye spelling was used for nearly 300 girls in 2014, vaulting the name back onto the Top 1000 after a 35-year absence, nearly ten times as many babies as received the Fay spelling.

Some people may feel spelling it Faye makes the name more balanced and complete, as Anne of Green Gables famously said about her name. The original Fay, Morgan le Fay, was a sorceress of the Arthurian Legends. Faye may also be used as a short form of Faith.

Famous People Named Faye

(Dorothy) Faye Dunaway, American actress
Faye Elizabeth Grant, American actress
Faye Marsay, English actress
Faye Reagan, American porn star
Faye Wong, Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actress
Faye Katherine Dancer, All-American Girls Baseball League player
Alice Faye, American actress and singer

Pop Culture References for the name Faye

Faye Whitaker, character in webcomic "Questionable Content"
Faye Valentine, character in anime "Cowboy Bebop"
Faye Chamberlain, character from The Secret Circle series by L. J. Smith
Faye Greener, character in Nathanael West's "Day of the Locust"
Dr. Faye Miller, character on TV's "Mad Men"
Faye Windass, played by Ellie Leach on British soap "Coronation Street"