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Gender: F Pronunciation: you-FEE-mya Meaning of Euphemia: "fair speech" Origin of Euphemia: Greek

Ancient martyr's name that, though not especially appealing, might still be mildly possible, especially for Anglophiles. It was widely used in early Scotland, but was overtaken by its nickname, EFFIE.

Famous People Named Euphemia

Euphemia Jones, mother to American actress Vivian Vance
Euphemia "Tika" Sumpter (born 1983), American actress
Euphemia Allen, composed the famous piano piece: Chopsticks
Euphemia Chalmers Millais (known as Effie Gray)
Euphemia Lamb, English artists' model

Pop Culture References for the name Euphemia

Euphemia li Britannia, character from anime TV series Code Geass
Euphemia Drew, elderly spinster in J. C. Powys's A Glastonbury Romance (1932)
Modern Greek spelling: Efimia
Euphemia Potter, mother of James Potter and grandmother of Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series

Eppy, Phemie, Eppie, Effam, Mia, Euphie, Effie, Fanny, Ephie, Ephan, Euphenia, Euphan, Effy, Euphemie

Euphemia's International Variations

Eadaoine (Irish) Euphème (French) Eufemia (Spanish)