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Gender: F Pronunciation: EL-in-ned Meaning of Eluned: "idol, image" Origin of Eluned: Welsh

Exotic and mysterious, Eluned's beauty and intelligence were legendary in Welsh legend; she was the handmaiden of the Lady of the Fountain in a Welsh Arthurian romance, who had a magic ring that made the wearer invisible. Pronunciation is usually similar in emphasis to Eleanor, but with ned instead of nor at the end. However, it's sometimes also pronounced el-LIN-ed or even shortened to Luned, the sounce of Lynette, in Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette.

Famous People Named Eluned

Saint Eluned, also known as Luned or Lynette, of Wales
Eluned Morgan, Baroness Morgan of Ely, Welsh politician, member of the House of Lords
Eluned Morgan, Welsh-Argentinian writer

Pop Culture References for the name Eluned

Lunete, handmaiden and advisor to the Lady of the Fountain in Arthurian legend, described in Chrétien de Troyes' 'Yvain, the Knight of the Lion as "a charming brunette, prudent, clever and polite..."
Eluned, a beautiful elf in RuneScape

Linet, Elined, Linette, Lanette, Lynnette, Eiluned, Lanet, Luned, Lunette