"from the high stronghold"

Denzel Origin and Meaning

The name Denzel is a boy's name of Cornish origin meaning "from the high stronghold".
This old Cornish name took on a whole new identity via Denzel Washington, who has inspired several thousand namesakes. The actor was named after his father, who was named for a Dr. Denzel, who delivered him.

Denzel Popularity

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Famous People Named Denzel

  • Denzel Hayes WashingtonJr., American actor
  • Denzel Dominique WhitakerAmerican actor
  • Denzel Rae Don CurryAmerican rapper
  • Denzel Robert ValentineAmerican basketball player
  • Denzel PerrymanAmerican NFL player
  • Denzel WardAmerican football player

Denzel in Pop Culture

  • Denzel Quincy Crockercharacter on animated series "Fairly OddParents"

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